Thoughts after a talk on Tibet

That talk made me think of many things actually. Even of things that have nothing to do with Tibet. But that’s what well-told stories do – they pull a string in us but the melody sounds different in each of us because of our own experiences and emotional state. Anyway, the talk was the last…

where the ground comes to an end

We spend our first night in Bulgaria by the Vidin – Lom road. A mowed grassy spot right by the fence of something that looks like a summer house. I help with pitching the tent with a heavy heart – we’re surrounded by dogs’ barking, echoing in the night. I literally shiver with fear as…

life in may – from the outside

I’m not a partaker. I’m an observer. When I experience or see something beautiful I don’t sink into it. No, I swim to the surface and then take a look down. I let the water bend the image and then I capture it. With words or photographs. I don’t want it to be this way….

setting off

I walk along the smoothly asphalted way that leads me out the village. I am the only person on foot. I hear the cars coming from behind or ahead long before they pass me by. It must be thanks to the fresh air up here. I wonder what the drivers might be thinking and whether they…


(The original post in Bulgarian dates back from 24 April 2014.) Third time lucky. I don’t know if it’s lucky but, against my whole will – for a third time in my life – I bought an InterRail ticket although the last time I’d told myself never to do it again… that is, yet again….