Be my patron

Like many creative people, I also dream that my art would earn my living. That my job would be to pour my soul out in the forms I master the best.

I believe that’s possible. And the call for you to support me is the first step towards making this dream come true. It’s a step I’m making, while holding someone else’s hand (yours). A step that’s supposed to fill me with confidence before I let go and continue on my own.

I have ideas about how to do that. And I can do it alone too. But with your help it’s going to be easier.

To be honest, I don’t really expect you to use the button below. But I told myself: ‘If the Universe wants to help you, have you shown It how?” Well, actually, I haven’t. The Universe loves bravery, risk and the balance in being serious but not a fanatic. Well, what’s more serious than a Donate button in my blog! 🙂

I’m not going to give you reasons why you should support me. If you feel you want, just do it. If not, I’ll still be grateful that you stop by here and spend some time in my world.

Thank you! Really!