so they gave me this body
and told me
go and see what it can do
and I came out
towards that man on the shore
I forgot…

at first I didn´t know how to talk
but he taught me
he told me to sit under the sun
for a long time
it was supposed to make me darker
and I did
I was so dry
for the first time in my life
and getting used to
dryness and the glint of the sun
I could see it with my eyes closed

he gave me dresses and he gave me shoes
and books and cutlery
and things to sew with
and it was all so dry
so dry it was
everything solid

but then one day
I had to cook a fish
and it was smooth
and oily
and it slipped
and fell down with a thump
and kept looking at me
in its death

and I remembered

then things started to trickle
and I tasted salt and water
and the sun began to burn

I ran towards the sea
to ease my pain
but the water rose
and didn´t let me in
there was only one way
I could go back
there was only one thing
that had remained dry

my lungs

and I tried
but the water hit me back
into the arms of that man
who lived on the shore

he put me under blankets
and filled me up with tea
but it was hot and sweet
those dry herbs in it were

he took good care of my body
he swang it gently
then he swang it hard
and when I closed my eyes
it was almost like the sea
rocking me

but when I opened them
the sea was only the picture
in the frame of his windows

rocking his smooth children to life
rocking the wrinkled ones to death

shut to all those in between


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