two years of juley

Juley is two! It’s incredible. I almost feel like embracing all those babyish things about him that otherwise annoy me: his need to nurse, the night awakenings, the meltdowns (which are not particularly dramatic but yes, he’s lain down on all sorts of surfaces), the moments when he doesn’t believe me pooping in the adult’s toilet bowl is not scary at all. And so on. As they say, “years are hazy, days are slow” – days seem to pass by slowly and in the same way but you turn around and it’s already Christmas. Or summer. Or your child has had a birthday again. Go figure.

I won’t enumerate everything he experienced or learned over the course of those two years. I think in some aspects he’s more advanced, in others – he falls behind and still in others – he does equally well as most kids his age. Something that can be said about every two-year-old, I guess. Instead, I’ll show you a video I made, combining recordings of mine and Lukáš’s, taken during those two years.

Many special moments are missing from the video. There’s not a single recording from his newborn period. But back then a good day to me was a day I had had a meal or slept more than three hours combined. I will always regret I didn’t take enough photographs and videos during those magical/crying days… but, that’s the way it is.

I’ll leave you with it while I and Juley are starting our third year as a mother and child. Some quite important things are in store for him: kindergarten, moving in a new home and who knows what else. I’ll try not to miss anything not as much through the viewfinder of the camera as through my eyes and, mostly, through my heart.

The song used is U2 – Miracle Drug.

I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Sheri Libby says:

    They grow fast. Enjoy!


    1. Агамоница says:

      They do, right? Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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