am i (only)

am i (only)
an expensive white canvas
you were lucky to buy on sale
the plain unsalted rice in your plate
that goes well with everything

do i look good on paper?

am i a good foundation
for you to build upon
a low seismic zone
and no groundwater either

did you wish i were a set of parts
and you could diy me into anything
did i snuggly fit the inside of your heart
no pointed edges to cause you any bleeding

tell me
what are you going to do
at the day of my expiry
am i easily replaceable
would i manage some recycling

and tell me
you who say I’m lifeless
how much life can you actually take
how many unpredicted system failures

tell me also
do you ever ask yourself
if those cracks of mine are filled with gold
if they’re not the only thing that makes me shine

am i
a broken record now
a hard bean that will never cook
what you scribble next to “other”
or a loose page in your book


am i all those things
tell me
am i only things




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