They say we are the Universe on a smaller scale. That our cells contain microscopic debris from the Big Bang. I think this is true.

Our life looks so much like a day. There, the sun rises and we – who have yet to master walking – cast a long shadow ahead – into the future. We are engulfed in soft, warm light that makes everything look magical. It’s midday; our feet are firmly on the ground and our shadow is not to be seen – in this moment it is as if we have lost touch with both the past and the future. We have forgotten our past and we still do not believe in old age. The light upon us is hard and sharp – we begin to acquire a tendency to paint things either in dark or in light colours. And then, shortly after, comes sunset. The shadow we cast goes far behind – into the past. The light is soft again, only this time things do not look so magical. No, they are completely real but they look beautiful because they have been lost forever.

Then night falls and we no longer have a shadow. The light of the stars is distant but soothing. We are one with the Universe.

Our life is just a day – longer for some and shorter for others. It is hard to imagine it in the midday of our lives. The cosmic law, however, is implacable and just. It is enough for us to simply realize that the Sun is only a star. What makes it bigger and more significant is the fact there is an Earth to revolve around it.

Some day, in the sunset of our life, we wil lose this Earth but acquire eternity.

How do I know this?

Very simple… the solar analemma has the shape of the infinity symbol.

Photograph by Harald Edens



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