(* The original post written in Bulgarian dates back to 9 March 2014. As I promised in the Who I am section, I am translating the five posts from last year that, according to WordPress, gained most popularity.)



it’s been long gone

the skin I used to touch

gone are the eyelashes that would make the tears pause

on their way down

on a June morning

gone is the hair I used to brush

and the hairs I’d roll up around my finger

the winter was mild

and yet, little by little

the winds peeled away

the remains of kisses on the lips


we mourn for those who pass away

but we don’t notice how we go

there are no urns for who we used to be

and no burials

there are only

vacuum cleaners

microfiber clothes

and bathroom sponges


my darling

i wipe you off the screen of my computer

off the sides of the books

and off the negatives

please, be so kind

to be kinder

with every skin you change


i’ll be kinder, too

i promise


P.S. (partly inspired by a conversation with my friend Misho. Misho, thanks!)



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